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NRS and JICREG to partner in new regional press measurement 15/01/13
The National Readership Survey (NRS) has been appointed by JICREG to collect readership data for all regional newspapers in the UK      more
JICREG Data Update May 2013 16/05/12
Jic-in-a-box has now been updated with newspaper and website audience figures as at 1 May 2013.      more
New JICREG Minimum Audit Rules 26/01/12
New JICREG minimum audit rules and guidelines for calculating and reporting newspaper net circulation data, to apply from the beginning of the reporting commencing January 2012      more
Data release 2013 - 28 October 10/10/11
Data release dates for 2013 -  28 October using Jan - Jun 2013 circulations      more
Improvements to Local Media Planning Tool 11/08/11

New JICREG chief executive announces improvements to Local Media Planning Tool, Jic-in-a-box.

Telephone and face to face allowed as approved methodologies. 03/08/10
JICREG has recently conducted a trial of telephone based research  in tandem with the established face to face method.  The trial has been very positive in terms of robustness of results achieved and after considerable debate, and feedback from both publishers and agencies, the JICREG board has agreed to allow both telephone and face to face as approved methodoligies for the imediate future.  It should be noted, however, that agencies generally regard face to face as preferable.      more
Locally Connected: UK's First Print/Online Currency 25/11/09
The local media sector, working closely with agency and media research experts has launched Locally Connected, the UK's first print and online audience planning currency, available via Jic-in-a-box.      more
JICREG training 07/01/08
JICREG training is available free to all Jic-in-a-box subscribers, so make sure you really know everything you can do with JICREG data, including the recently launched website audience data.      more
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