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Please find below useful links to associated industry bodies and data sources, schedule analysis companies and mapping systems.

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Associated industry bodies

Local Media Works Local Media Works

Local Media Works, part of the News Media Association, is the home of marketing for local newspapers and their digital platforms, helping advertisers and agencies to better understand the context and power of local media and sharing best practice across its membership.

Its activities include running commercial initiatives such as Featurelink and 1Local as well as PR campaigns such as Local Business Accelerators and Local Newspaper Week which raise the profile of local media and bring new revenues into the industry.

LMW supports member publishers by providing the latest data, insight and research findings, fresh creative ideas, training for sales teams, and the latest industry news and views. LMW is the voice of local media, meeting regularly with advertiser and media agency contacts to brief them on trusted local medias effectiveness as a platform for national and local advertisers.


Joint Industry Committee for Population Standards

The JICPOPS initiative was begun in 1994 as an attempt to address significant anomalies in polulation and household data being used in current marketing, advertising and market research practice. JICPOPS is planning to provide a set of population figures by age within sex at postcode sector level, household counts, an imprimatur for approved data and a schedule for data release, initially annually.

Constituent members: BARB, CACI, Experien, IPA, ISBA, JICREG, NRS, POSTAR, RAJAR.


Audit Bureau of Circulations

ABC provides an independent verification of circulation / data figures for print, lists/databases and exhibitions to facilitate the buying and selling of advertising space.  ABC also audit website traffic figures.

ABC is a non profit organisation governed by a council of permanent and elected representatives from advertisers, advertising agencies, media owners and their representative trade bodies.


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Associated data sources

bradinsight.com BRAD Media Planning: Maximising media

BRAD Media Planning profiles and classifies UK media to help advertisers and agencies plan advertising campaigns, saving time, money and effort.

Our circulation, advertising, production and editorial research allows subscribers to identify and evaluate where they want to advertise quickly and easily. What’s more, each of our 13,500 profiles contains accurate contact information at advertising, editorial and production level to facilitate the planning and buying process.

Maximise the advertising opportunities available to you with BRAD Media Planning.


bradinsight.com ALF Business Development: marketing and advertising intelligence

ALF Business Development continuously researches the market and profiles the UK’s top 6,500 advertisers and the associated agencies.

Agencies, media owners and marketing services businesses rely on our accurate contact & contract information and ad spend data. There’s no need to search anywhere else as it is all together in one place. What’s more, the depth of our data clearly sets out the responsibilities of all those involved at each level.

Grow your business with in-depth marketing and advertising intelligence from ALF Business Development.


Touchpoints TouchPoints

TouchPoints 2 launches on July 3rd. Click here to read the details of the new questionnaire.


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Schedule analysis companies

Telmar Telmar Communications

Telmar Communications Ltd is the UK subsidiary of Telmar Group Inc., a company with more than 25 years experience of supplying computer technology to the world’s media industry. Printplan is Telmar's innovative press planning package. With just one easy-to-use program, it is possible to carry out a range of press analyses including cost, coverage or composition rankings, schedule evaluations, optimisations and frequency distributions. The main features of the program are as follows:

  • Ability to run schedules, coverage ranks and optimisations within the same program
  • Frequency distribution reports
  • User can analyse several target audiences simultaneously
  • Impact factors or media weights can be assigned to take account of page size and colour
  • Instantaneous reach and frequency calculations, carried out as the user inputs
  • Ability to create and save cost files
  • Built-in graph facility provides coverage or CPT graphs


British Market Research Bureau

Britain's longest-established and best-known specialists in international market research and consultancy, offering a variety of products and services, in particular TGI (Target Group Index) - an annual survey researching around 25,000 adults in Great Britain about their purchasing habits of all major products and brands and their use of services. In addition, information on their demographic characteristics and media exposure is also collected.

Choices3 is a Windows based data analysis software package specifically designed to make time for the interpretation of results. It was developed exclusively by BMRB, to make the process of extracting the required information as straight forward and as swift as possible. Choices3 is used to conduct both simple and complex analyses including cross-tabulation, schedule evaluation, correspondence and cluster analysis.

A crosstab is a simple (though not necessarily small) matrix that enables the user to run basic profiles on data, such as media, demographics and product use. Reach and frequency allows the user to build and assess print media schedule against any target audience. Choices3 will calculate reach, frequency and costs using a reach and frequency model.



IMS (Interactive Market Systems) was established in 1977 and is part of the Business Information Systems division of VNU. This division includes many companies with connections to the advertising, media and marketing field.

Reach and Frequency Scheduler for Converted JICREG Data is a package that places schedule analysis at a planner's fingertips. After converting the JRT file created within JIC-IN-A-BOX, using the IMS Reach and Frequency program the user can view up to fifty-two alternative schedules simultaneously, request frequency distributions and n-tiles and design custom reports.


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Mapping systems
Beacon Dodsworth Beacon Dodsworth

Beacon Dodsworth has been delivering and supporting quality engineered software solutions to planners and marketers for over a decade. Specialising in market analysis Geographical Information Systems (GIS), database development and bespoke software, Beacon Dodsworth offers a unique blend of mature tehcnical skills and market knowledge.

Prospex is Beacon Dodsworth's market analysis GIS. Prospex gives marketers the ability to compare, contrast and analyse their own data on customers, sales and performances with census, lifestyle and geodemographic data. This can be visualised on a map clearly showing trends and relationships, highlighting where opportunities exist.



CACI has operated in the UK since 1975. Its market analysis work covers every aspect of marketing and planning, from profiling and targeting customers, siting new stores and accessing new sales areas to analysing dealer or branch networks and planning for public services.

InSite is CACI's Geographical Information System (GIS) for marketers. A combined database and mapping package, InSite allows marketers to hold data about their customers, outlets and competitors, as well as information about the population at large and their purchasing behaviour. This information may then be analysed for any geographical area of the UK from a postcode of only 15 addresses to the whole country.


Experian Experian

Experian specialises in helping organisations to make more informed business decisions, assisting its clients in targeting and acquiring new customers, building customer relationships and managing financial risk. The company is one of the world's leading suppliers of information on consumers, businesses, motor vehicles and property.

Experian's micromarketing software tools enable a company to organise and analyse behavioural and overlay data. Using a desktop PC one can measure the relationships between different consumer behaviours and the various types of external data that can be used for targeting.


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