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Launched in 1990, JICREG has revolutionised the way in which regional and local media advertising is planned, bought and sold, by providing credible and acceptable audience data for the vast majority of  local newspapers and their websites. It has become the main currency used by advertisers, agencies, regional press publishers and their sales houses.

Before JICREG, the regional press depended on circulation data for planning and buying. But this was not compatible with other media which provide audience data by demographic groups. JICREG now provides a research-based currency which allows sophisticated planning better than any regional newspaper system anywhere.

JICREG continues to develop to meet the demands of regional press planners and media owners and an example of this is the recent introduction of audience data for websites linked to local newspapers.

JICREG newspaper membership

Membership of JICREG is extremely high, consisting of over 700 regional newspapers in GB with only a handful of eligible titles (regional and local newspapers with audited circulation figures) not in membership. Many advertisers and advertising agencies now consider JICREG membership essential before a title is even considered for inclusion on an advertising schedule - a fact that some publishers have only discovered after they have been left off!

JICREG website membership

For  local paper website to be included on JICREG it has to be produced by a publisher who has audited the top 10 or 10% of websites, and can produce an average monthly unique browser figure every six months.  The websites must also be listed on the Media Portfolio database and linked to one or more local newspapers.  There are currently 6 major newspaper groups with websites included on JICREG, accounting for 70% of the market.

Readership data

JICREG audience data are available on the web at http://jiab.jicreg.co.uk - including free basic audience reports for non Jic-in-a-box subscribers, and from the Newspaper Society's Intelligence unit.

JICREG data are also available from BRAD, MediatelTouchpoints and What Media.

Find out more

Examples of data from Jic-in-a-box and other related software packages.

Complaints procedure


The JICREG board has recently drawn up a set of procedures to be used in the event of a complaint being made to JICREG.  For a copy of the Complaints Procedure click here

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